Buying a Home

Advertising Your Home, the Right Way in Order to Attract Buyers

Often home owners that are looking to sell their homes are not aware of the requirements that should be completed before they can put their home on the market. They do not know that there may be small underlined problems that should also be repaired if they want to receive the best price for their home. Although there has never been a specific set of “things to do list for selling a home,” the home owner would profit more if they followed some simple suggestions.

First a good rule of thumb would be to repair all broken areas within the home. Meaning if there is a leaking toilet, broken sink, paint chipping, cracks in the floors or walls and any other issues that may be visible and non-visible. Even if the home owner spends money patching up the repairs it will be worth it in the long run because they can recoup that money spent when they begin pricing their home to place on the market for selling. It is extremely important for any non-visible damages to be fixed because things like having termites or structural damage on a home could cause the home to bring in a much lower amount of money if it sells. If the damage is too bad the homeowner will not be able to put the house on the market. These may seem like minor things, but they are major things that could prevent a homeowner from being able to sell.

Another very important tip is to make sure to clean out the home basement, closet and attic. Items that the homeowner wants to keep should be placed in a storage. If there are unwanted items, then the homeowner could hold a garage sell to get rid of those items or donate them to a clothing center. Doing this will ensure that the home will be presentable in appearance when buyers come to look at the home.

In addition to the repairs and cleaning, homeowners should be honest with the marketing company and the potential buyers about the home quality. The seller should not try to elaborate on the features on the home to give false impressions. Instead they should accurately portray their home and its features. This will ensure that when the time comes for buyers to review the home they are aware of what they are receiving and do not have a false sense of what the home looks like inside and out.

There is a trend however going around where people are stating, “I want to sell my house fast” by doing virtual tours of their homes. This can be a good thing but at that same time it can be bad. Virtual tours will give the potential buyer the means to review the home and its qualities in real time but there are some things that they will not be able to detect by just looking at the home via camera. For example, how would someone know if the home has any structural damage or if the basement is damp.

For the sake of time only two items were just mentioned but it brings home the idea of how virtual home selling can be good and bad. It just depends on the potential buyer and what they are comfortable doing and accepting. But they must keep in mind that if they do a virtual tour and the purchase a home sight unseen, then they could be in for a surprise once they finally view the home and discover issues that were not seen on the virtual tour.

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