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New Home Buyers Find Benefits in Manufactured Homes

Manufactured homes often come with the stigma of being called “trailer homes”, however many new home buyers are discovering that this stigma is incorrect and ignores the numerous benefits that manufactured homes provide. A manufactured home is simply a home that is built in a facility that is then transported to the land that it is placed on. Traditional homes are built on the site that has been chosen for them and will not move from that site in their lifetime. While manufactured homes can be moved at the owner’s leisure, they typically remain on the same site for the duration of their lives as well. This is why the stigma of “trailers” or “mobile homes” doesn’t accurately describe manufactured homes. Yes, they are mobile, but they are rarely moved and have the same benefits as traditional homes. Furthermore, manufactured homes have many benefits that traditional homes cannot offer.

Manufactured homes in Flat Rock, Michigan will typically be cheaper than traditionally built homes of the same size. Indeed, manufactured homes can be anywhere from ten to twenty percent cheaper than their traditionally built counterparts. This means that first time homebuyers and homebuyers with lower credit scores are more likely to get the size of home that they desire if they choose to purchase a manufactured home as opposed to a traditional home. Along with being able to provide more space at a cheaper price manufactured homes can be customized to the buyer’s preferences because the homes are built in a central facility and our easily customizable. This means that floor plans and the types of appliances that the home can support can be much more flexible for a manufactured home than a traditional home.

Some new home buyers might be concerned with the safety of manufactured homes. There is a common misconception that manufactured homes may not be as structurally sound as traditionally built home. This is another misconception that has no bearing. Because manufactured homes are built in controlled factory environments they are constantly subjected to quality control standards before they are delivered to the owners. Traditionally built homes, by their very nature, must be built outdoors. This means that the components of a traditionally built home may spent a considerable time outdoors, exposed to the elements, before they are incorporated into the home. This issue does not exist with manufactured homes, which are delivered in pristine condition directly from the factory.

Manufactured homes also give the owner the option to choose the type of environment they want to live in. Manufactured homes can either be installed in a piece of property far away from neighbors, or they can be installed in a community of other manufactured homes. Manufactured home communities often have guard gates, swimming, and gym facilities available to the homeowners. If the homeowner wants an active social lifestyle they can choose one of these communities. Manufactured homes give the owner the chance to customize the kind of life they want to live in ways that traditional homes may not.

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