Identifying Good Quality Leads

It is quite easy to find new leads, but finding good quality leads that turn out to be qualified prospects is another matter. The higher your leads are, the more you will spend on potential sales. Making qualified lead generation is the best indicator of future sales success. The type of quality lead defines business success.

Let’s see what points make high-quality leads.


A lead is a collection of relevant customer information. High quality leads combine demographics, buying signals, and contact information. High-quality leads have an in-depth view of both your prospect and your company and the means to get in touch with them.


Accuracy measures whether all of your areas like; email address, phone numbers, cities etc. Out of use phone, numbers and email bounces are dead ends. Verify all details to make sure data points go together. Form campaigns to break down names that don’t match up with email addresses. Accurate data allows your team to allocate time and resources to prospects with the highest probability of being contacted and being receptive to your message. Good quality leads do not contain deficient data points.


Lead generation is not a one-time event. It is an ongoing process optimized for meeting the requirements and expectations of your sales team. The market is a moving target. Employees are hired and fired. Acquisitions, mergers, sell out, expansion takes place every time. Businesses shrink and swell every quarter. Speed, freshness, repeatable processes are key components of a high-quality lead generation program. High-quality leads are generated based on feedback from your team and how your business goals evolve.

Focus on Purpose

Sometimes we focus more on lead volume; we forget that our main aim is lead generation. Our ultimate goal is to generate lead as possible in order for sales to generate customers. Good quality leads are reliable, optimized and are set according to your unique marketing and sales processes.

How to generate good quality leads

  • One place to start looking for great leads is with your current customers. Make a list of your very best customers. Take a customer account review in which you ask a few questions about how the customer’s doing if they have any questions or issues and what you can do to continue to keep them happy.
  • The only way by which you can get sales is by making your target customer base aware of what you have to offer.
  • Use different contact channels to connect with your leads because if you only use one contact channel, you will probably lose your chance to speak with all the prospects that prefer other methods.
  • Once you have got someone on your list of leads, keep in touch with that person in value building way.

Points to remember

  • Exact measurements of lead generated may vary depending upon your lead generation strategy and sales processes.
  • Leads browsing through various product pages may browse for asking pre-sale questions with the sales team or could be thinking of doing business with you.

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