Top 4 Reasons To Start an Indoor Garden

If you’ve been spending some extra time at home lately, you may have thought about picking up some new hobbies to fill the time. If you’re missing the greenery of the outdoors, one great hobby to get into is indoor gardening. Especially if you live in an area that doesn’t have the best weather for outdoor gardening, or if you just don’t have enough space outdoors, starting a little garden inside can provide a number of great benefits you might not have expected. If you’re still on the fence, here are four great reasons you should consider starting an indoor garden today.

  1. You Won’t Have Weather Worries

If one of your concerns about having an outdoor garden is that unpredictable weather will keep you from caring for your plants, an indoor garden could provide an easy alternative. When you’re growing your plants indoors, all you really need is good access to sunlight. You won’t have to worry about dragging yourself out in the pouring rain to check on the garden!

  1. You Can Get Fresh Produce From Home

If you plant fruits and vegetables, you can look forward to picking fresh produce right from your own garden! This could actually make it easier for you to make healthy food choices, since you’ll have easy access to produce without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home. It might even end up being healthier than eating store-bought produce, since some studies have shown that time spent in transportation to stores can reduce nutritional value. Additionally, you may feel more motivated to eat your fruits and veggies, since you’ll have the pride of having grown them through your own hard work. If you have kids, getting them involved in the planting and growing process could also be a great way to encourage them to try more types of produce!

  1. It Could Have Surprising Health Benefits

It might come as a surprise, but just being around plants can be good for your health. In fact, simply having greenery near you while you’re working could improve your productivity and creativity, as well as reduce your stress and anxiety. In some cases, people have even reported up to 34% fewer heath issues while working in spaces that had plants. Your new hobby might just make your boss happy, too!

  1. It’ll Spruce Up Your Home

Forget about expensive design projects and pricey embellishments – with a home garden, you’ll have a beautiful green hub to spruce up your space. The beauty of the plants will lend your home a fresh, authentic feel, making your time at home even more pleasant!

When you’re looking for a fun hobby to spend your time at home in a meaningful way, consider starting your very own indoor garden. Whether you do it for the aesthetics, the health benefits or simply for the fun of it, indoor gardening can be beneficial in a myriad of ways. Keep these reasons in mind as you start your garden, and you could soon be growing a healthy crop right from the comfort of your home!

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