Understand your rights and obligations as the owner of a park home

Investing in a park home can be a fantastic idea for those who want to save money but enjoy all the benefits of community life. This is a big decision to make and many people still don’t realize how luxurious one of these homes can be today. Forget the idea of ​​an old caravan, there is a modern park home that fits all tastes and budgets and when you buy from new, you get a say in the final finish.

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So, after you decide it’s the right step for you, it’s important to know the ins and outs of park home ownership. Here is some useful information about general rules, although different parks may be a little different.

All conditions relating to your chosen park will be contained in documents that you must check 28 days before signing. Even in the absence of written documents, the owner of a park home has the following rights:

  • Homeowners cannot be evicted by the site owner without a court order
  • A homeowner must not feel harassed to give up their house
  • Site owners cannot stop homeowners from selling their homes
  • Site owners cannot provide misleading information that can damage the sale of a home
  • Prospective buyers may not be interviewed or approved by the site owner
  • A site owner cannot ask residents when they plan to sell or place their house on the market
  • The site owner cannot prohibit the use of a real agent or lawyer
  • Site owners may not charge more for electricity, water or gas than they themselves charge
  • Site owners must provide 28 days’ notice if they want to make any repairs on the park site

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The obligations of park homeowners are as follows:

  • The homeowner agrees to pay pitch fees in accordance with the written agreement. Site owners can change fees, but this must be notified in writing to the homeowner first. For more information on life in Park Homes for Sale in Gloucestershire, visit
  • Residents have the right to form occupant associations at the park location. In order for the association to meet the requirements, at least 50% of the population must join, they must have a house and not rent, certain documents must be stored, and the position of Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer must be filled. There must be a formal constitution and a set of rules of behaviour.
  • Homeowners have a legal obligation to maintain their homes and surrounding areas in good repair conditions
  • Park life is generally a peaceful life, but, in the event of a dispute, the first step is to try to solve it directly with the location owner. Disputes that meet the requirements can cause the court if the settlement cannot be reached.

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