How Regular Apartments and Penthouses are Different

If you are looking for a new place to live, then you’re probably searching online for that perfect new home. If you see the words “penthouse” and “apartment” both coming up in your searches, you should know that these terms do not mean the same thing. Here is a quick look at what differentiates penthouses from standard apartments.


Just hearing the word “penthouse” evokes thoughts of luxurious furnishings, exquisite architecture, and a posh living area. That’s not without reason. A penthouse is synonymous with luxury. If you look at any of the San Diego penthouses, for example, you will see several amenities you won’t find with standard apartments. This will cause a significant increase in price for a penthouse, as opposed to a standard apartment.

Much of the time, a penthouse can be compared to a five-star hotel with the scope of services provided in-house by staff. The difference, of course, is that a hotel provides temporary lodging while a penthouse is your long-term home.


You’ll most likely find penthouses downtown, especially in a large city like San Diego. They are located close to nice restaurants, good schools, and shops. While you can find other apartments in the heart of the city, penthouses are generally larger.

The term “penthouse” typically means an apartment on the top stories of a building. Even today, they are often located at the top of a business or above other apartments.

Design of a Penthouse

To further differentiate a penthouse from a standard apartment, the entire design is unique. One of the most notable features is the private entrance, which often includes an elevator. Not only does it improve safety for residents, but it creates a distance from other apartments in style and amenities.

If you walk into a penthouse, you typically see vaulted ceilings to enhance the spacious feeling of the place. High-end appliances with unique features draw you in and continue the appearance of luxury. Even on the top floor, penthouses can be 2 or 3 stories high with breathtaking views.

Fireplaces, hot tubs, and private pools are also not uncommon in penthouses. The additional space means extra room for guests, a home office, or den. You won’t find these rooms in most standard apartments. Even the fixtures tend to denote luxury, including features such as marble countertops, Brazilian hardwood, and large windows.

Premium Services

Concierge services make life easier in a penthouse. You may be able to call ahead for reservations for dinner or ask someone to pick up your dry cleaning. A doorman provides a little extra security, and other services offer convenience for busy professionals. Parking is another service that is underrated. Premier parking is a huge upsell when looking at potential apartments. Having certainty that your car has a proper, covered spot allows ease and comfort opposed to street parking. Especially, if you own or lease a luxury vehicle and want to keep it in pristine condition.

Consider a Penthouse

When searching for your home, you can find a suitable place just about anywhere. However, you might want to think about a penthouse if you’re looking for a higher standard of living, and a place that fits your style. As you can see, penthouses are quite different from other apartments. They make every day feel like a vacation and make coming home the best part of your day.

Meta description: A penthouse is vastly different from standard apartments by location, amenities, services and even the design of the space.

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