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4 Ways Companies Can Save Energy

When a company decides to reduce energy consumption, it is usually good for both the environment and the bottom line. While an initial investment may be required for some of the energy-saving measures, many of the methods will eventually pay for themselves. Some options, such as automatic doors and remote work can have other benefits as well, such as reducing the spread of germs.

  1. Use Automatic Doors

Installing automatic doors can result in energy savings because the doors will only be open while in use. It eliminates the chance that someone will neglect to properly close a door and cause cooled or heated air to leak out of a building. Just be sure that automated door safety compliance is being observed.

  1. Reduce Electrical Usage

It is easier and cheaper than ever to connect lights to sensors or timers. Placing lights on a timer can ensure that they are only on when absolutely needed. Sensors can be installed in bathrooms so that the lights are off most of the time. Energy-efficient equipment, such as copiers, printers and computers can be obtained to further reduce electrical costs. Maximizing the use of natural light is another great way to save on energy costs because on sunny days the lights may not need to be turned on at all. Adding mirrors can further brighten up the workspace and enhance the natural light available.

  1. Encourage Remote Work

While it may not be feasible for employees to work remotely every day, there are many reasons to embrace remote work opportunities on a part-time basis. Whenever the building is not being operated, energy usage is decreased. Allowing staff members to work remotely can also benefit the environment because less fuel is burned during commutes.

  1. Have an Energy Audit

Contact a professional to come into the building and evaluate all of the areas. They can create a report based on estimated energy usage and make suggestions for improvements. An auditor may check doors and windows for leaks, inspect insulation or check out the equipment used to find out how much energy is being used on a regular basis. Depending on the professional, they may also look at water usage in addition to electrical or gas.

Most small businesses run on tight budgets, so finding ways to lower costs whenever possible is a smart move for business owners. Make sure that the measures taken will benefit the company and not create a short-term financial hardship. Improvements should be made that help the company, not hinder it.

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