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Property Management Managing Home Owners Associations

When you decide to move out on your own and begin looking for a residence you may discover the property you are looking at is managed by a property management company. If you are unsure what a property management does, then you will be pleasantly surprised by all of the services they typically offer. Apartment complexes and buildings, condominiums, town house associations, row house associations and home owners associations are often run by property management companies. A property management company provides all of the services that a working association will require.

As a resident of a property that is managed by a property management company you will have to pay monthly dues. Some associations require a one-time yearly fee and others break it down to a payment every six months. Some associations prefer doing a monthly management fee. This fee includes the upkeep of the grounds. In most cases the higher the fee the more services the grounds provide. Associations that have pools and green space will need to account for the upkeep of the pool, payment of pool management staff and life guards and lawn care services for the green space. If you live in an area that gets snow during the winter months you will also have snow removal services added into your home owner’s association fees. The property management company will find landscapers and snow removal businesses to perform the work on the property grounds. They will bargain for the best price and sign a contract for work to be performed. If the grounds have a pool the property management company will also accept applications for consideration of jobs and perform all back ground checks and necessary paperwork of those employees.

Property management companies are also responsible for elevator maintenance in elevator buildings, laundry room maintenance for properties with common laundry rooms and the general upkeep of the buildings and roofs. Home owners’ associations of single family homes do not charge property management fees for siding or roofs. Property management companies perform needed repairs to brick and siding on row houses, town houses and condominiums. Property management companies also perform necessary roof repairs for units that share common walls. If you are part of a association that is looking for a new property management company you will discover that a basic search engine search will yield many results. One such result is at This company features all of the services that they provide to their properties that they manage. When your association is shopping around for a new property management company it is best for all of the elected board members to make a collective decision and interview several companies. Some companies may have better working agreements with grounds professionals. These working relationships can sometimes yield better savings for the residents of the home owners association.

Purchasing a home within a managed association has many benefits. You will not have to worry about snow removal, grass care or amenities. You may even experience leisure living with a well maintained pool, fitness center and club house. Home owners’ associations that have efficient property management companies often also have happy home owners.

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