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What You Need to Know about Modular Homes Before you Buy One in Edmonton

Modular homes are built in sections in a factory setting and then the sections are transported to a chosen location and pieced together. Modular homes offer homeowners the chance to live in a house that fits their exact needs and specifications. However, before you make a decision, here are some important facts about modular homes you should know.

How long does it take to build a modular home?

Compared to traditional homes that may take up to 6 months, modular homes can be built in as little as one to two weeks, depending on the design. This is, in part, because they are built in factory controlled settings absent of typical weather-related problems, such as snow or rain.


Usually, modular homes in Edmonton are relatively cheaper than traditional houses. Furthermore, lenders treat modular homes the same way they do traditional homes and as such, they are subject to the same appraisals. As a matter of fact, banks offer financing for modular homes just like they would with any other home.

Quality Construction

With the advent of technology and product innovation being on the rise, modular homes in Edmonton have significantly improved over the years. Better quality materials are being used and more designs are being incorporated to make the houses look more appealing. Higher quality is also assured because builders have access to tools in the factory setting that are otherwise unavailable during the construction of traditional homes.

Modular homes are built to be energy efficient

Modular homes are usually built to be highly energy efficient. In fact, you will find most modular houses in Edmonton designed with more sealants, caulking, and insulation in the walls. This helps reduce cooling and heating costs for the homeowner.

Strict Building Codes

Both traditional homes and modular houses in Edmonton are subject to building code inspections to ensure they are built according to the right standards. However, modular homes are subject to more strict building inspections throughout the construction process. For a modular home, expect there to be many inspections throughout the construction and building process.


Modular homes are not mobile

Contrary to popular opinion, modular houses in Edmonton are not mobile. Sure, they can be moved from the factory setting to the construction location, but once built, they cannot be moved to another location.

Consider Location

One of the greatest decisions you will have to consider when buying a modular home in Edmonton will be the location. There is a lot to consider when deciding on the location for your new modular home, including the flexibility of the land, proximity to a flood zone and the type of soil in the area. All these factors will help you determine how suitable the location is for your modular house in Edmonton.

Research before Purchasing Land for a modular home

Depending on where you live, you may want to find out if there are any restrictions set in place to prevent modular home construction. Some residential neighbourhoods have strict regulations on modular homes while others do not allow modular homes. Therefore, make sure to carry out some research before you decide to settle in a particular community.

Wrapping Up

As with any major purchase, do your due diligence and carry out in-depth research to find out if modular homes are the right choice for you.

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