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3 Moving Tips You Shouldn’t Ignore

It’s time to load up and head out. The move is exciting, offering a new home and a chance to start something new. Memories are to be had, and experiences await. Before all the fun really begins, though, you have to face the daunting task of packing up what you own. So as you prepare for one of the local moving companies in St Louis to transport your belongings, take the time to think about the following three tips.

  1. Think About Box Size

Some people like to shove as much as they can into the vastly large box. However, this idea is problematic in many ways. First, it could be cumbersome when you move it, making the unloading harder and cumbersome. Secondly, you now have to dig through tons of things to find what you need.

Simplify by having a range of boxes suitable for your packing requirements. Are you packing books? Go for several small boxes to avoid excess weight. Label them by genre or useful. Clothes are good for larger boxes; they weigh less and can be packed by season.

  1. Reserve Valuables and Necessities for Your Car

Often, families have personal items that they don’t want to be put in the truck, fearing they could break or get lost. Professionals are careful, but anything could happen. If this concern haunts you, then consider wrapping these pieces in lots of cloth or bubble wrap, protecting them well. Then, place this box with you in the car where you have eyes on it at all times.

Some items are important because of sentiment or cost; they are just plain needed to survive. Do you want to hunt down that coffee maker early in the morning, tearing through boxes to get your morning fix? Probably not. If you are a coffee or tea lover or know you’ll need medications other belongings, pack them for you to take separately. The truck should hose things that you can take your time with.

  1. Make a System

Pack room by room, labeling boxes clearly. This organizational setup is essential to avoid stress and frustration during the unpacking days. Request boxes are placed in the appropriate rooms when you arrive in the new house. This choice avoids lugging things all around and assists you in not feeling overwhelmed.

Enjoy the new place. Before you get there, take some steps to ensure a peaceful transfer. Use the right boxes and consider your packing methods.


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