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How Your Office Space Impacts Productivity

The success of a business depends on many factors, including the staff working towards its progress. There are many tips and tricks to help improve productivity in the workspace but many company leaders hardly ever think of the impact of the office space to enhance employee productivity. Often times, the focus is on how they spend their time at the office and if they are doing what is expected of them. According to Sky New York Realty, while all these are important in the growth of the company, the office space also plays a huge role.

One of the reasons why an office space can be more productive than another is how it is designed for collaborative work and to suit working personalities and work styles. Research shows that 46% of professionals are dissatisfied with their office space, which shows that there’s a lot more to be done to help employees work better.

This article further explains the different ways office design can impact employee productivity.


Several studies have, over the years, highlighted the impact of light on productivity. Good lighting helps balance the LED and LCD lights from computer screens, which could help reduce headaches and fatigue. On average, Americans spend 90% of their time indoors and with such little exposure to the natural light, it would be beneficial to bring the lights in. This will help suppress the release of sleep-inducing melatonin and make employees more productive.


Choosing the right furniture for office spaces makes a huge difference. You need to consider the flexibility and functionality of the furniture, as this is where employees would spend most of their time working. If it is uncomfortable for them, they would spend more time trying to adjust their furniture or ensure they don’t have a backache than they would spend doing the actual work. Also, consider the size, to ensure that employees are able to move around freely and do their work without big furniture getting in the way.


Technology is important for the progress of any company today and this is beyond getting an Internet connection. Consider getting solutions like CRM and cloud-based phone systems that have been proven to improve productivity in work settings. You should also consider other technology tools such as Personalized Lighting Systems, Zapier, Automatic Time Tracking, Room Scheduling, Texting Platforms, and more. In addition, you can provide room for seamless Internet marketing processes where employees can explore ideas on the best digital marketing practices. This includes making digital tools available and accessible to all.


As much as offices are meant to be a collaborative workspace where employees brainstorm ideas and work together as a team, privacy is also key. Not all employees would thrive in a space designed only for collaborative efforts, as they would rather work in a private setting where there are little to no distractions. You can create a balance by having a mix of both to ensure every employee makes the most of their time for the progress of the company.


If you have noticed that your employees are not as productive as expected, you may want to review your office workspace if other factors are eliminated. With a conducive work environment, your company’s productivity could experience an upsurge.

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