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Real Estate Virtual Assistant Tasks to Help Grow Businesses

Being part of any industry is undoubtedly pretty hectic – especially the real estate industry. There is a long list of responsibilities or tasks that need to be perfected and completed every day, other than meeting customers and providing some support in selling their real estate properties or helping them find new houses to purchase. In this article, we listed tasks people should be outsourced to real estate virtual assistants now to help them grow their businesses.

Handling low-dollar and repetitive tasks every day like checking electronic mails, following up with leads, doing inbound and outbound calls, answering customer questions, and managing social media and business websites eat up most of the business owner’s time and could pull them from the income-producing tasks that can help them grow their business. Outsourcing these challenging and tedious tasks with trained real estate virtual assistants can help enterprises to focus on their core duties, as well as other revenue-generating tasks.

Administrative jobs

These tasks are some of the best and easiest responsibilities to start outsourcing to virtual assistants. These chores are generally easy to learn and teach as well as will save owners hundreds of hours in the process.

Electronic mail management

Filtering and sorting electronic mails, responding to queries from possible customers, and sending follow-ups.


Business owners can ask their virtual assistants to check on properties they are looking to purchase, like their property value, location, establishments, and amenities surrounding it.

Data entry

Proofreading and entering information into spreadsheets is also a very important chore that owners can outsource to VAs. It also includes updating or entering client details – mailing address, phone numbers, electronic mail address.

What is data entry? Check out to find out more.

Calendar management

Both the owner’s work and personal calendars can be outsourced to VAs. Setting up meetings, as well as reminding owners about scheduled appointments and upcoming events.

Cold calling

It is a traditional digital marketing technique, but is still considered to be one of the most important and effective approaches for generating leads. It is a perfect chore to outsource to train virtual assistants, as well as free up a lot of the entrepreneur’s time.

At most outsourcing companies, this method of marketing a business is one of the most popular responsibilities to be outsourced to VAs. These companies can make sure all of their cold calling virtual assistants have call center and customer service experience, a neutral accent, as well as a robust outgoing personality that’s suited for this responsibility.

Following up leads

Entrepreneurs have probably heard the saying, “Everything is in the follow-up.” That is because 70% of all sales close via follow-ups. If people do not have consistent follow-up processes, they are missing out on various deals they did not even know existed.

Business owners, such as Outsourcing, should have a VA to follow up with multiple leads regularly. As a matter of fact, only two percent of sales close at initial meetings. So if businesses are throwing in the towel after the initial meeting and they do not have follow-up plans, there is a good chance that they are shooting themselves in the foot. According to studies conducted by different marketing experts, the average follow-up sales drop-off rate breaks down like this:

  • 44% stop after one rejection
  • 22% stops after two rejections
  • 14% stop after three rejections
  • 12% stops after four rejections

It means 92% of individuals are done trying after the fourth rejection. So if people are following up at least five times, they are already way ahead of their competition.

Calendar management and scheduling appointments

The time it will take to manage calendars and schedule appointments can start to add up and take owners away from important activities they need to be doing in their enterprise. Obviously, they do not want any scheduled appointments to slip through, especially with potential clients. By using VAs to manage this, they will not have to worry about if they remembered to add something to their calendars. Owners can send their workers an email, voice memo, or text and let them handle the rest.

Managing social media pages

Produce digital marketing campaigns

Creating graphics, as well as posting these things on the business page, helps create an active digital presence for the business or their personal page or brand. Trained professionals are familiar with using Internet-based graphic design platforms like Snappa, Crello, and Canva. These are very user-friendly apps wherein simple graphics and templates come in handy to use.

Managing business websites

Nurturing the audience, as well as enriching the brand by consistently positioning on company web pages, responding to customers’ queries, and sending invitations to like their social media sites are some online tasks perfect for digital assistants.

Blog or article writing

Using the help of professionals for writing articles for the blog is the best way to make sure every posted article is optimized for the enterprise. Blogs are an excellent way to build awareness of the brand using Search Engine Optimization techniques and to produce original and new content. But it can take a lot of time to produce well-written articles with images, videos, and backlinks.

To know more about SEO, click here for details.

Managing listings

People can ask their outsourced staff to handle listing presentations, as well as make sure that their listings on the Internet are up-to-date.

  • Property info is precise
  • Listing prices are accurate
  • Property status is regularly updated

Running comps and skip tracing

These are some of the services that entrepreneurs can pay for, but they can have them at a lower cost with their staff’s expertise. As investors are always on the hunt for excellent real estate deals, skip tracing will provide them an edge to reach their potential clients that their competitors can’t.

Running comps can also be a time-consuming job that entrepreneurs can pass along to their VAs to execute. It is one of the most vital responsibilities to handle as it involves the price values of properties to purchase or sell. People might need to provide various training for their workers to make sure they are doing it according to their processes and systems.

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