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Tips for Improving Your Real Estate Search

Are you searching for homes for sale in northern Suffolk VA? These are a few tips to help you find a great new home.

Stay Within Your Budget

There is no reason to view homes that are significantly outside your budget. Although most home prices are negotiable, there is a limit. Consistently looking at homes outside your budget is frustrating and can cause your expectations and desires to be out of proportion with your budget.

Recruit a Buddy

It’s always a good idea to have someone you trust search for and tour homes with you. They may add perspective to your search and see things you would have otherwise missed. For example, someone who has lived in a home without enough electrical outlets will pay closer attention to the number and position of the outlets in other homes.

Investigate the Homes

Find out why the owner is selling. Also, check behind every door. Look at windows and door frames and search for cracks in the walls and foundation. Bring a tape measure to measure closets, doorways and rooms to ensure everything will fit properly.

You may even ask to take photos of the home for later review. Walk through the home at least twice before making an offer because you will see things you didn’t see on the first tour. Also, tour at different times so you understand the traffic and noise patterns.

Get a View From Above

Google Maps offers satellite photos of homes, neighborhoods and towns. You want to see what types of structures, parks or unsightly areas are around your home. For example, is it near a junk yard, an industrial area or railroad tracks? Don’t forget to drive around the neighborhood.

Be Willing to Change Agents

You want an agent who listens to you and gives you options that you can afford. Therefore, if your agent is constantly showing you homes outside your budget or that don’t meet your needs, consider changing agents.

Finding a great home is a process. It requires patience and a great realtor.

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