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Top 5 Home Staging Tips

There is a lot of preparation that goes into selling a home. Once you get to the stage where it’s time to show it, you have to set up the house in a way that will appeal to buyers. While there are plenty of factors that go into why someone may purchase your house, the way that you stage it may make or break the deal.  Here are the five top staging tips.

  1. Don’t Forego Furniture

Some homeowners mistakenly believe that if you clear a room of its furniture then the space looks bigger. Accordingly, many often think that it helps the buyer envision what he or she could do with the room. While it sounds reasonable, this isn’t what happens when you clear furniture out of a room. Instead, most buyers have trouble picturing how much of their furniture will fit into one room. This can make it appear smaller than it is. Instead of emptying a room, you need to stage it with furniture. Clear out the clutter and utilize small, simple pieces. A clean, organized room will look larger than an empty room.

  1. Focus on the Front Door

When staging a home, most homeowners focus on the inside of the house. Don’t forget the front door area, however. Most potential buyers will swing by the house before a showing, just to look at the outside. Your home should look good from the street! Make sure you have no clutter in front of the front door and that access to the home looks simple and inviting. When buyers shop for Calgary Real Estate, they appreciate a clean exterior.

  1. Bake Before a Showing

Do you know how common fragrance allergies are? Fragrance allergies lead to a wide range of symptoms. When showing your house, avoid triggering anyone’s allergies or scent sensitivities. If you want your house to smell good before a showing, consider baking cookies or boiling cinnamon. People associate the smell of baked good with home. If you’re tempted to make your home smell better, forego the chemically based fragrances. Save those fragrances for when you know who is coming over and what his or her sensitivities are. Baked cookies or boiled cinnamon fills your home with a warm, pleasant scent.

  1. Clear off the Counters

Everyone likes the look of sprawling, open counter space. If your counters look cluttered, it might give the illusion that there isn’t much counter space. Before a showing, make sure that your counters are clear. Now, you can keep the essentials. For instance, keep the soap dispenser in the bathroom or the fruit bowl on the kitchen island. These objects allow potential buyers to envision what their home will look like. Be careful not to overdo it and make your home look as if it lacks counter space.

  1. Freshen up the Paint

Calgary Realtors suggest that even if you don’t think your home needs an entirely new paint job consider refreshing the paint. If you have any rooms that aren’t a neutral color, consider giving them a neutral update. Likewise, some rooms may just need a quick, light coat of paint to give it a clean, new look. Some paints even come with scents that release over time. If you’re worried about odors, then these types of paints will offer a refreshed fragrance to the home also.

Real estate sales are an art form. Many factors go into the final sale that the agent and homeowner need to consider. A part of the sales process is to stage your home in a way that’s the most appealing to potential buyers. If you want your home to sell, avoid any common mistakes and stage your home properly.

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