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Things You Should Know About Working At Offshore Rig

If you wish to start a career by working offshore, you have to learn a few things before you embark on a journey. The first summer internship is arriving and you do not know what to expect. Whatever you should do inside, have in mind that living offshore requires adjustment.

Most people think that it is simple as possible, but you will live outside your home for a few weeks on monthly basis, which may affect the relationship with your family. That is the main reason why you have to create a stable family support before you embark on a journey.

You should discuss with loved ones and closest to you how to deal with specific emergencies while you are not around, especially if you have in mind that you will not be there in some specific moments.

Therefore, before you start living at offshore accommodations, you have to make sure that everyone is comfortable with you working away. Think about your loved ones and how they will cope during your absence.

In case that you have personal problems and pressures at home, you should reconsider this particular career choice. Have in mind that most workers will have the ability to maintain communication with children, spouses and others through Internet and phone.

However, even if you have solid and stable relationship, you should plan everything in case something happens when you are away so that your friends and family could act on your behalf.

You also have to make sure that your employer has all details about your family such as contact information in case that they have to get sensitive information from or to you.

In case that you are a supervisor and you have access to phone, you can rest assured, but if you are working in the drilling operation, no one will be able to contact you directly.

At the same time, you will have to think that this particular job is highly demanding and will take 12 hours of straight working.

  1. Noise

Have in mind that offshore gas and oil facilities tend to be highly noisy, which means that you will be able to lose hearing after excessive exposure. Therefore, you will have to live with constant sound up to 90 decibels, while some major equipment can produce up to 100 decibels.

Therefore, we recommend you to always have hearing protection so that you can reduce the possibility of hearing loss. Since your work schedule is unrelenting, you will have to adjust from the very beginning and prove that you are worthy worker.

Therefore, you should expect long working hours as well as participating in safety meetings and trainings that will help you improve your knowledge and get more points for offshore hierarchy.

Even though they tell you that working shifts are approximately 12 hours, reality tells us that you should expect working at least 13 hours when you combine other things such as tour meetings and many more.

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  1. Respect Personal Time and Space

Since you will live outside of public in limited area, have in mind that space is premium at facilities, and you will share sleeping quarters with co-workers. Therefore, you should follow room regulations when it comes to your colleagues so that you can avoid affecting them.

It is vital to respect each other’s personal space, which means that you should leave your room tidy and take everything you need for your shift, because when you return to room, you will disturb your sleeping co-workers.

You should also be quiet when you are inside the accommodation block, because it is vital to have a good night sleep since working is risky and dangerous.

That is why most companies are adding incentives such as magnet curtains that are increasing darkness in rooms for better sleeping. At the same time, some rooms feature noise cancelation so that you can sleep in quiet environment.

Going sleep deprecated at offshore rig can cause severe problems to both you and your colleagues, which is why you should respect the resting time for both you and others.

Of course, you will also get after work activities such as playing games with your colleagues so that you can improve team spirit and reduce the hassle of isolation.

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